International Internship Scholarship (Spring/Summer & Fall)

This scholarship is designed to support students interested in pursuing a full-time internship abroad for a minimum of 8 weeks. Students must complete the scholarship application by the deadline. Late applications will not be considered. Priority will be given to students with financial need. Priority will also be given to students who have not already had a significant academic or internship abroad experience. Students need to demonstrate financial need by filing the FAFSA.

To be considered, student must:

  • Be participating in an internship abroad with a minimum internship period of 8 weeks
  • Students must be earning credit for the internship
  • This scholarship is designed for those participating in a full-time internship. This is not available to students who are participating in a study abroad + internship combination.
  • Must have a completed OASIS application in by the priority deadline for the semester you plan to be abroad.\

This scholarship has multiple opportunities. Please apply for the scholarship posting with the deadline that is closest to the anticipated start date of your internship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Which semester do you plan to intern abroad?
  2. How many internship credits will you earn while abroad?
  3. Who is your internship provider (if applicable) or host organization/company?
  4. What city and country is your internship placement located in?
  5. How many weeks will you be interning?
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