Marilyn and Budge Sherwood Seidman College of Business Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students

This scholarship was established for non-traditional students who have taken time to raise a family, and for whatever reason may have put off pursuing their master’s degree and who are pursing a master’s in the Seidman College of Business.

  • Candidates must have had prior employment experience and provide a description and dates of the employment
  • Must be accepted and enrolled with full or part-time (minimum 3 credit hours) status in the Seidman College of Business
  • Demonstration of financial need as shown through completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not required but financial need may be considered
  • Candidates receiving no support from their employer will be given priority consideration. A single head of household will be given preference in selection.

Renewal Criteria: May be renewed with reapplication as long as recipient continues to meet scholarship all scholarship requirements.

Marilyn Sherwood
Grand Valley University Foundation, Seidman College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Did you have to take time off of school to raise a family?
  2. If yes, please list the dates and years taken off to raise your family.
  3. Please write an explanation that provides some insight towards your decision to take time away to raise your family. Please also describe why you would be a deserving candidate for this scholarship.