David Daniels Memorial Scholarship

The David Daniels was created in memory of a past physical therapy student at GVSU.

  • Third-year physical therapy students
  • Must be enrolled full time as a graduate student

Application Process: Students must be invited to apply

Renewal Criteria: Non-renewable

Students and Faculty of Grand Valley State University
College of Health Professions, Physical Therapy
Supplemental Questions
  1. Were you invited to apply for this scholarship?
  2. Describe your personal value system. Limit your statement to two double-spaced typed pages. (.pdf or .doc)
  3. Describe a significant event in your life. What was the event? Why was it significant? Who was involved? How has this event impacted you? Limit your statement to two double-spaced typed pages. (.pdf or .doc)
  4. Tell us about a person(s) who has (have) been most important to you. Why is this person(s) important to you? How has this person(s) influenced you? Limit your statement to two double-spaced typed pages.(.pdf or .doc)
  5. Prior to typing in the name and email address of your reference providers below, please make sure to contact the individuals to ensure they are willing to serve as a reference. To monitor whether your reference provider has provided the requested information, once you have specified a reference provider at least once, the “References” menu will appear in the top navigation menu. Simply navigate to that tab and you will see all references specified. “Requested” means that the reference provider has not yet supplied the requested information whereas “Submitted” means that your reference provider has completed his/her reference. By clicking “Resend”, you can remind the reference providers to complete the request.
    • A personal (character) reference from a non-family member.
    • A reference from a college/university professor.
    • A reference from an employer or clinical instructor.