Arend D. and Nancy Lubbers University Honors College Scholarship

This scholarship was intended to draw exceptional students to the existing University Honors Program or to an Honors College.

  • Accepted for enrollment in the University Fredrick Meijer Honors College as an entering freshman
  • Must have a 3.8 cumulative high school grade point average and a 32 ACT composite or 1430 SAT composite
  • Students meeting the eligibility criteria will be invited to the Presidential Scholarship competition. Scholarships are awarded to students who compete in the scholarship competition

Application Process: Just as the merit scholarships, your admissions application to GVSU serves as your application for this scholarship

Renewable Criteria: Renewable

  • GPA must be 3.0 at the end of freshman year (earn 25 credits or more), sophomore 3.25 (earn 55 credits or more), junior 3.5 (earn 85 credits or more), senior 3.5 (earn 115 credits or more)
  • Renewable for a maximum of 5 years (10 semesters)

Arend D. and Nancy Lubbers