Athletic Training Award of Excellence Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize a current student in good standing in the Masters of Athletic Training (MAT) degree program who has excelled in the academic, clinical, and leadership aspects of the MAT, and plans to pursue a career in athletic training. To be eligible, students must:

  • Be admitted to the Master of Athletic Training (MAT) program at GVSU
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Have completed two semesters of coursework with the MAT program
  • Have at least one semester remaining in the MAT program

This scholarship may not be renewed.

Iota Tau Alpha
Supplemental Questions
  1. Why should you be selected as the recipient of this scholarship?
  2. What contributions have you made to the program and/or field that justify your receipt of this scholarship?
  3. What are your professional plans/aspirations post-graduation from GVSU's MAT program?
  4. Describe your professional philosophy that demonstrates a long-lasting commitment to the field of athletic training.
  5. Describe any professional development presentations or conferences attended at the state, regional, and national levels. What was your role and how did it benefit you or other attendees?
  6. Please upload one letter of recommendation from a clinical preceptor, faculty member, or an alumni member of the ITA.
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