Dr. Earl Harper Management Scholarship

This scholarship was established to help African-American students who are seeking a degree in business management.

  • Recipients for this scholarship shall have been accepted for or currently enrolled at Grand Valley State University (GVSU)
  • Must be an undergraduate African-American student majoring in Business Management
  • Must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours or more)
  • Minimum of 2.5 GPA after completing 15 credits at Grand Valley
  • Must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards

Renewal Criteria: This scholarship may be renewed without reapplication provided the recipient continues to meet the qualifications stated above. The scholarship may be awarded to an individual for a maximum of six semesters.

This fund is in compliance with Prop 2-06 because it was established prior to its passing in 2006.

Dr. Earl Harper
Up to $1,000
Grand Valley University Foundation
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit an essay describing your career goals and why you selected your particular major.