Alex Aninos Music Education Scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship is to support students who struggled with music courses early on in their education at Grand Valley, but then show desire to and proof of academic improvement through retaking courses, better overall GPA, and having involvement in groups and/or communities within the Performing Arts Center (i.e. Music Fraternities, organizations, performing/chamber ensembles, etc.).

  • Recipients of this scholarship shall have been accepted for or currently enrolled at GVSU
  • Must be at least a junior or senior enrolled for 12 credit hours or more with a declared major in Music Education
  • Shall be making satisfactory academic progress according to the norms established by the University

Renewal Criteria: This scholarship is not renewable.

Faculty, Family, and Friends in Memory of Alex Aninos (1992-2014)
Music, Theatre, and Dance , Visual and Media Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide the name and email address of a GVSU faculty member who will attest to your academic turnaround and consistent improvement over your time at Grand Valley. (No relatives.) Prior to typing in the name and email address of your reference provider, please make sure to contact the individual to ensure they are willing to serve as a reference.To monitor whether your reference provider has provided the requested information, once you have specified a reference provider at least once, the “References” menu will appear in the top navigation menu. Simply navigate to that tab and you will see all references specified. “Requested” means that the reference provider has not yet supplied the requested information whereas “Submitted” means that your reference provider has completed his/her reference. By clicking “Resend”, you can remind the reference providers to complete the request.