American Photo Marketing Entrepreneurship Scholarship

This scholarship was established to make a GVSU education accessible to students with the greatest financial aid obstacles to overcome. This scholarship is for motivated students pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship.

  • Must an undergraduate junior or senior enrolled full time and making satisfactory academic progress
  • Must be pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and earned 24 credits with at least one Entrepreneurship course completed
  • Must file a FAFSA to demonstrate financial aid need
  • Preference is given to Michigan residents

Renewal Criteria: Must reapply for renewal

Entrepreneurship, Seidman College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have 24 credits with at least 1 Entrepreneurship course completed?
  2. Please submit a vision statement (essay) addressing self-reflection about entrepreneurship.
  3. Please name ENT classes you have taken:
  4. Are you a part of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization?
  5. Are you part of a startup team, or have you ever started a business? If so, please name business:
  6. Please upload an essay written about yourself and your interest in entrepreneurship.

    What to include in the essay: What is your view of the role entrepreneurs play in the community? Where do you see yourself in five years, and what are the steps you are taking to get there? Are there any individuals in the community that you admire and if so why? What are your views on the key elements of entrepreneurship such as innovation, risk taking and the like?

    Help the Entrepreneurship Scholarship Committee understand your uniqueness and see you as a person, as a student, and a future entrepreneur. Remember that the Committee will read many essays, and you should help them understand why you should receive a scholarship. Your essay will weigh heavily in their decision.
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