Jean Enright Women and Gender Scholarship

This scholarship was designed to support an upper-level Women Gender Studies major or minor at GVSU.

  • The candidate must be a degree seeking Junior or Senior with a minimum of 55 total earned credits (of which 30 must be GVSU credits)
  • Be enrolled full-time and accepted to major or minor in the Women and Gender Studies course
  • Students shall be making satisfactory academic progress
  • Will have completed WGS 200 and at least one other approved WGS course
  • Demonstrated participation in community and/or campus service that is centered on women and/or girls

Renewal Criteria: Non-renewable

Jean Enright
The Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list all WGS courses you have completed.
  2. Expected graduation date:
  3. Please provide an essay of 500 words or less that describes why you decided to become a Women and Gender Studies major or minor and how this program fits into your educational and career interests. In addition, please describe your participation in community and/or campus service and how it benefited the lives of women and/or girls. You may provide any additional information you would like the scholarship committee to know.