Dr. James D. Hoffman Scholarship

This scholarship was created to benefit diversity students at GVSU who are academically and economically disadvantaged. In addition, School Zone Publishing Company employees or children of employees may apply for this scholarship.

Diversity Candidates

  • Must be entering freshman
  • May be an undergraduate half or full-time student
  • Must demonstrate financial need

School Zone Publishing Company Employees or Children

  • These applicants may be students at any undergraduate or graduate level when applying
  • May be a half or full-time student
  • Do not have to demonstrate financial need

Renewal Criteria: For both Diversity and School Zone candidates scholarship is renewable for a max of 10 semesters provided the student maintain a 2.0 GPA and are meeting satisfactory academic progress.

This fund is in compliance with Prop 2-06 because it was established prior to its passing in 2006. At the donors wishes this fund will continue making awards as originally intended, and in return no new gifts to the fund can be accepted.

School Zone Publishing Company
Up to $2,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a School Zone Publishing Company employees or child of a School Zone Publishing Company employee?
  2. If Yes, please upload a letter from the School Zone Publishing Company Human Resources office verifying this information.
  3. Please upload a typed 1-page essay describing yourself, your educational and career goals, and your experience performing community service on campus while pursuing a degree at Grand Valley. Describe one community service experience outside of school that is most meaningful to you. Please provide 3-4 goals you intend to set to achieve while in college and that will help prepare you to enter your career. Include what you plan to do with your education from GVSU. Remember that the committee will read many essays and you must make them understand why you should receive this scholarship.