Computer Science and Information Systems Freshmen Scholarship

Scholarships are available to a limited number of incoming first-year students who have indicated an interest in majoring in either computer science or information systems. These scholarships are available to a select group of students who meet the minimum requirements. The scholarship is dependent on maintaining certain academic standards while at GVSU.

  • Applicants must be admitted to Grand Valley State University and have declared the intent to major in either Computer Science or Information Systems
  • The student must have at least a high school GPA of 3.5 and a 28 ACT/ 1310 SAT or better
  • The student must be enrolling at GVSU as a full-time student

Application Process: There is no formal application required for this scholarship, all direct admits into the School of Computing Science and Information Systems will be considered.

Computing and Information Systems, Padnos College of Engineering & Computing
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please explain your academic and career goals related to computing in a one-page typed essay. (Please consider writing this in a word processor first and then copy and paste your response here)