Dr. Margaret Proctor School of Communications Scholarship

This scholarship will benefit students enrolled within the School of Communications, Visual and Media Arts, and Music, Theatre, and Dance students who write in vivid, direct and unique voice. Its emphasis on fiction writing, including play and film scripts, does not exclude non-fiction.

  • Must be enrolled or accepted as a declared degree-seeking student in the School of Communications, Visual and Media Arts, OR Music, Theatre, and Dance
  • Preference will be given to full time students; if a recipient is not enrolled fulltime the scholarship will be prorated
  • Must be making satisfactory academic progress

Renewal Criteria: Non-renewable

Family and Friends of Margaret Proctor
$500 - $1,000
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Communications, Music, Theatre, and Dance , Visual and Media Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit three pieces of your writing (no length requirement). Please list the title of each piece and if not for an assignment, include a brief statement of the context in which they were written. If your samples are from certain classes taken at GVSU, please indicate for what class/assignment they were written.
    • 1. Title of each piece
    • 2. Brief statement about each essay or indicate for what class/assignment they were written
    • 3. Please upload the three pieces of writing here. Please include all three of your essays in one document. If you have questions or having trouble consolidating/combining essays please email: scholarships@gvsu.edu