The Dewitt Barrels Inc. Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management Scholarship

DeWitt Barrels has partnered with Grand Valley State University to offer this scholarship to students pursuing careers in the preservation and restoration of natural resources.

  • Candidates must be a full-time degree-seeking Junior who has earned 55 or more credit hours
  • Must be studying Natural Resources Management
  • Must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Candidates must demonstrate their intention to enter a career involving preservation or restoration of our natural resources. No particular course path is required to apply, the sciences are likely to lead to a career in an environment science or natural resource field.
  • Must demonstrate financial need and must file FAFSA
  • Transfer candidates must be accepted to GVSU to apply

Renewal Criteria: Scholarships may be renewed without reapplication for a max of (4) semesters

DeWitt Barrels
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Natural Resource Manangement
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please include an application letter describing the applicants involvement in curricular and extra-curricular activities pertinent to the purpose of this scholarship.