Whitney Young Village Outreach

Whitney Young Village Outreach

Whitney Young Village Outreach is a local nonprofit organization established in 2005 with the sole purpose of enriching the lives of those who come from deprived socioeconomic backgrounds. Mrs. Katherine (Kathy) B. Miles worked in the field of low to moderate income housing for more than forty years. Over the years, she has surrounded herself with talented persons all with a common vision: “Helping others that want a better life for themselves and/or their children.” Mr. Floyd M. Miles graduated from Grand Valley State University in 1977. Prior to his attendance at GVSU, Mr. Miles served in the United State Air Force for 26 years and was an essential part of the Strategic Air Command. After graduation from Grand Valley, Mr. Miles continued his career as a Journeyman with General Motors where he later retired.

The purpose of The Whitney Young Outreach Scholarship is to honor the dedication of its founding Board President, Mrs. Katherine (Kathy) Miles, original Board Members and former Board President, Mr. Floyd Miles ’77, and current Board Member and Financial Officer Mr. Christopher T. Wilks. It is because of their combined dedication that the funds for this scholarship are available. Through various philanthropic functions, they have been able to support numerous institutions; especially ones that place education in the forefront. It is the hope of the Board that the monies available for this scholarship will encourage and enable promising students the financial backing to engage in their studies, while pursuing a degree in Engineering.

Having to fund their own education via multiple jobs and stints in the Military, Mr. and Mrs. Miles as well as Mr. Wilks understand the financial strain that many young adults have to endure when it comes to post secondary education. They also understand that the greatest barrier to entry when it comes to this education is not the educational responsibilities, rather, the financial burdens levied upon the individual/family while perusing one’s major. It is this financial burden that they wish to lessen. The donors want to provide an opportunity and a pathway for students from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds to advance their education. Financial hardship will be a consideration when selecting an individual for this scholarship.

It is this spirit of service and a positive outlook on Life for which we regard in the highest. It is hoped that the recipients of this scholarship will exhibit the ideals of the Whitney Young Village Outreach founding members.