The Dungey Family

The Dungey Family

The Henry and Juanita Dungey School of Public and Non-Profit Administration Excellence Award was originally established in May 2004 to honor an outstanding (senior) minority student who not only embodies the essential characteristics of leadership, scholarship, and community service, but a commitment to empowering and cultivating young minority leaders of the future.

In light of the new Michigan law that went into effect December 23, 2006 the scholarship document was revised and expanded and is now available to all undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Nonprofit and Public Administration who meet the qualifications.

We, the children of Henry and Juanita Dungey, cannot adequately repay our parents for a lifetime of love and sacrifice on our behalf, but we can establish a legacy that accurately reflects the valuable life lessons they taught to us. Life lessons which demand a rejection of the easy option, that embrace great struggles, that demand critical thinking, and that understand the need to bring others along in your successes.

These standards are a part of their insistence of excellence, and their belief that cultivated leadership can be a powerful and hopeful force in the future. In the names of Henry and Juanita Dungey we, their children, do hereby establish this award.