The DesRocher Family

The DesRocher Family

This scholarship was created to honor and memorialize Aaron DesRocher’s enthusiasm for the physical sciences that he experienced starting in his Junior year as a chemistry major at Grand Valley State University. He awoke daily with a renewed excitement for the assimilation of knowledge. He gained great self-esteem through the realization that he had a great capability to think critically and the potential to contribute to the solution of some of the world’s medical mysteries.

He used his Kung Fu discipline and mastery to help round out his development. He was a friend to many who looked to him as a colleague and supporter in their endeavors. His co-workers appreciated his unique personality and enthusiasm. They helped him gain social comfort and self esteem.

He loved his family, who challenged him to find his place in this world. As he grew, he in turn challenged him to find his place in this world. As he grew, he in turn challenged his family. His greatest accomplishment was his development into a great person.

Aaron died November 10, 2002, while pursuing a Pharm.D. degree and working as a Pharmacy Technician at the Jenison Meijer Pharmacy. We will never know what world mysteries and problems he may have solved had he lived longer. Even so, he accomplished much good in his lifetime of 26 years.

Aaron’s parents and siblings worked hard to complete their education and find their place in life. Aaron’s friends, family and co-workers share in this memorial.


“This year my sister will be starting a college program in biology and with this added financial strain my parents will not be able to help with financial costs as much as they have in the past. Thanks to your scholarship I am able to spend more time in my studies instead of working during the school year. The few hours of extra time every week will make me a better student overall.” – Jenae, GVSU Junior