Secchia Family Foundation

Secchia Family Foundation

As a region, West Michigan is headquarters to a number of dynamic, successful businesses that have evolved from entrepreneurial families to become Fortune 500 companies. It is also a region where business leaders are redefining and retooling their industry and technology base to take advantage of emerging opportunities, and where new business initiatives are being developed. One long-standing model for this development is Universal Forest Products, the very successful result the strategic planning of Ambassador Peter F. Secchia, over his 40 years as its largest shareholder.

A quality that makes this region unique is the commitment of public and private partnerships to strengthen the community and make it an outstanding place to live and do business. Ambassador Peter. F Secchia exemplifies this kind of leadership. In his remarks at the ground breaking for Secchia Hall on the Grand Valley State University Pew Campus in downtown Grand Rapids President Lubbers said: Peter is smart, ambitious, creative, single-minded….., generous, and loyal, and sometimes, to me, delightfully outrageous. These personal characteristics have led to a long record of right decisions. They have led to a life of private successes and public service.

To ensure that students have the opportunity to study business and public administration overseas, Ambassador Peter F. Secchia International Studies Scholarship will play an important role in ensuring financial barriers can be overcome for students who wish to pursue studies in Italy.

This scholarship is evidence of Ambassador Secchia’s love of his ancestral homeland, and of his thankfulness at the opportunity to serve as the principal representative of the people of the United States to the Italian people and government. It is also a fitting testimony to his certainty that success only comes from hard work and a willingness to continue to learn and grow.