Richard Veazey

Richard Veazey

Dr. Richard E. Veazey was an Associate Professor in the Seidman College of Business Accounting and Taxation Department. He has started working for Grand Valley State University in 1979. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Ferris State College, his MBA at Central Michigan University and his Ph.D. at St. Louis University. He also had his CPA.

Richard E. Veazey graduated with his undergraduate degree in accounting in the early 60’s and decided to pursue a graduate degree with the expectation of obtaining a job in management consulting. During an interview with a large consulting firm, he learned that while his credentials were impressive, the firm wanted to see real world experience.

As a graduate student his occasional teaching experiences were followed with encouragement from professors and peers to pursue teaching as a career. As an experiment he decided to teach for one year. Seven years later he decided to make a career of teaching, and to that end he pursued his doctoral degree.

Challenged to teach full-time while pursuing a doctoral degree he recognized the value of completing coursework in a timely manner. In 2007, Dr. Veazey decided to establish a scholarship fund that would assist outstanding full-time graduate students in completing their degree.

Dr. Veazey’s intent was to expedite the process allowing a student to complete an advanced degree in accounting over a twelve month period of time. By doing so, the recipients of this scholarship would have an opportunity to complete their degree in a year and become an active member of the work force which would add value to their personal future while benefiting society and, hopefully if they choose to stay in the region, the West Michigan economy. Dr. Veazey died in October 2009.

The purpose of the Richard E. Veazey Graduate Academic Scholarship in Accounting is to provide a full tuition scholarship for students pursuing a Masters of Science in Accounting.


“Upon graduation from my M.S.A., I plan to begin working full-time with PricewaterhouseCoopers. This degree will well-position me to excel in the firm and aid in my goal to one day become a Partner. This scholarship will further allow me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, while learning more about my field. For that, I am grateful.” -Leah Dancz, Graduate