Paul Hoffman

Paul Hoffman

Grand Valley State University is grateful to Mr. Paul Hoffman, the founder and first contributor to the GVSU Peace and Justice Activist Scholarship. The Peace and Justice Activist Scholarship was made possible by a donation from Grand Rapids businessman Paul Hoffman. Hoffman, a friend of the faculty who taught the “War in a Nuclear Age” course, developed the idea through discussions with faculty. He decided to express his concern for the future by expanding awareness of the scholarship. Hoffman established similar scholarships at Calvin College, Aquinas, and Grand Rapids Community College.

The Peace and Justice Activist Scholarship was founded on the belief in the power of students to utilize their education to evoke social, economic, and political justice. Established in 1987, the scholarship is awarded to students who have intentionally combined their classroom learning with practical experiences to focus on justice and peace issues in their home communities or abroad.


“This scholarship has been a significant factor in allowing me to participate in a study abroad program in Fall of 2015 on Development Studies in Uganda. This is a great opportunity and will help to prepare me for my future career, which I hope will consist of living and working in East Africa. I will be able to further my knowledge and will undoubtedly grow in many unforeseen ways personally and academically.”
-Shannon Weaver, Junior