Michele and Richard Marquez

Michele and Richard Marquez

In honor of Mark A. Warren’s life and memory, Mark’s sister, Michele Marquez, established this scholarship to support future chemistry students who demonstrate academic excellence.

One week prior to Mark’s graduation in April of 2013, Mark lost his life to a silent but serious struggle with depression. Mark was known and admired as a smart, responsible, dedicated, and hardworking student and citizen. Mark is fondly remembered by family and friends for not only his curious and studious intellect but his witty and amusing sense of humor. He is also deeply respected for serving his country in the military, and he will be forever honored by those that knew and loved him as a thoughtful, dependable, and considerate individual with a selfless spirit.


“This scholarship will help ease the burden of rising tuition costs so I will be able to continue to achieve my dream of becoming a chemist. It will also allow me to graduate with less debt so I can focus on my endeavors after graduation whether that be pursing further education or obtaining a job in the food industry.” -Heidi Conrad, Senior