Judith S. Pratt

Judith S. Pratt

Nursing is a career that demands excellent grades in the pre-nursing courses as well as the BSN curriculum. The non-traditional student is often gainfully employed while attending classes in preparation for this career change. In addition, the non-traditional student may not qualify for many of the nursing and non-nursing scholarships because he/she may have earned a previous degree. The Non-Traditional Nursing Scholarship is designed to financially assist the student that has earned a previous BS/BA degree, meets the specified criteria, and desires to complete a BSN degree at GVSU.


“I am very honored to receive this scholarship. It is going to help me greatly in paying for tuition and it will be nice to not have to take out as much in loans. It will help me not have to worry as much about my parents having to help out and pay some tuition if all the loans do not cover it. This scholarship is very generous and will help me in my education and later on, in my career, I will hopefully be able to help someone in paying for their education.” -Crystal, GVSU Senior

“This scholarship will allow me to continue my education in the secondary BSN program. It will take the pressure off of my parents to continue to put my tuition and all associated costs on their credit card. This has been a tremendous relief, it also takes some stress out of trying to find other means of money for school. I could not be more grateful for this gift!”
-Emily, GVSU Senior