HTM Department in memory of Benjamin Mutnick

HTM Department in memory of Benjamin Mutnick

The Benjamin Mutnick ‘Mettle’ Award was established in the memory of GVSU HTM Professor, Ben Mutnick. Despite being diagnosed with stage IV cancer, and constant and relentless repercussions from this illness, Professor Mutnick maintained an extraordinary dedication to both his students and to GVSU. Though he lost his battle with cancer, the legacy he leaves behind represents more than a professor going out of his way for GVSU’s students, but rather an unbridled spirit which would not be defeated by a tragic illness that touches so many of our lives, and the lives of our friends and loved ones.

The purpose of this award is to recognize an HTM student who, like Professor Mutnick, has persevered through and/or overcome challenging or adverse conditions in their own lives while, at the same time, achieving success in the HTM Program. Each award recipient will demonstrate a sincere motivation to succeed, despite such trials and tribulations. Students should note that this award is not limited solely to those individuals who may have overcome severe illness, but is available to those students who endured any significant obstacle with an optimistic aspiration to succeed, despite all odds.

Picture: Ben Mutnick


“This will put me one step closer to finishing at GVSU, building up my resume, and moving out west to reach my dreams in the hospitality industry. Doing well in school is one of the most important things in my life and having support, be it financial or moral, will most certainly help me find my success in this world.” -Skye Thebo, Senior