Elizabeth Ann Eccard

Elizabeth Ann Eccard

Established by Elizabeth Ann Eccard in memory of her parents Joseph Gideon and Dorothy Mary Eccard. I am establishing this endowed scholarship at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in their memory and honor. I was raised by them in the inner city of Detroit in the 1940’s and 1950’s. They were plain folks of little formal education or training. However, despite my father’s disability and lack of formal training he worked very hard to always provide to me, my sister, my step brother, and my mother the funds for us to live simply. Despite the many hours he worked he always tied to show love and affection to us. My mother was never in good health, but she did her best to be a good mother and raise us up in the church. They were married for 42 years.

From this upbringing I learned a certain strong determination to work to have a better life than was offered to me by my parents.

Elizabeth Ann Eccard is a retired employee of The Ford Motor Company who spent 30 years with the company. My strong determination with only a high school education led me to work several years to be hired and employed by The Ford Motor Company. I always appreciated the benefits that i received from the company, and this led me to achieve the dream of the “better life” of which i had dreamed, when i was growing up.

This has all keyed in my mind, the thought of, if i had, had the opportunity, or the idea of going to college, or higher training beyond high school, I might have been able to do more. With my determination perhaps this would have been so.

Thus, I am establishing this endowed scholarship fund to help others, who maybe are in a like situation in life that I was.