Business Ethics Center (BEC) at the Seidman College of Business

Business Ethics Center (BEC) at the Seidman College of Business

The Castro Scholarship in Business Ethics honors Barry Castro, who at the time of his death in 2005 was Professor of Management at Grand Valley. Professor Castro’s career at Grand Valley spanned over three decades, during which time he developed and taught Business and Society and Business Ethnics courses, founded the Business Ethics Center, and spoke and published widely on what a business education should and could mean. In all his endeavors and accomplishments Castro drew on his expertise in Economics and Management, to be sure, but first and foremost Barry was a philosopher in a tradition of Plato and Socrates. He believed in the examined life, in asking and attempting to answer philosophical questions as they pertained especially to thinking about business, and he took seriously the injunction to live a good life, a life that sought wisdom in one’s self and in others.

Professor Castro had a unique gift for bringing seemingly disparate ideas and people together in conversation. He was respected and loved not only by students but by the west Michigan business owners, executives, lawyers, and professionals he brought together to discuss ethical issues on an ongoing basis through the Business Ethics Center. Barry’s wide reading in history, philosophy, and literature combined with his natural affinity for people in ways that allowed him to play the gentle Socratic figure who brought others to realizations about themselves to establish this scholarship in his name.


“I am extremely excited to continue my education next year as I begin to take more specialized courses. The opportunity to receive this scholarship is something I won’t forget, and I look forward to doing the same for another student like myself down the road!”
-Nicholaas Zomer, Junior